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In Progress: How Do Frogs Breathe?

Everything you need to know -- and more!

Bees and Neonics

Save Our Bees

Scientific research shows neuro-toxic pesticides called neonics are linked to massive bee die-off. Updated for Equiterre.org


Loaf of bread and thou

UPDATE: Animated Autobiography

My animated autobiography continues!


Oryx and Crake: Lunch

Oryx and Crake:

#4 in a series of chapter animations of "Oryx and Crake", by Margaret Atwood.


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Mothers Day for LA Times

Hillary Clinton for the LA Times

The Secret Life of Hydrants

Anna Wintour portrait

Russell Simmons for Yahoo Finance

Texas Co-Op Power Magazine

Theater poster for Arena Stage

Save Our Bees animation for Equiterre.org

Sally Jewell for the National Journal

Red Notice book review for CSM

Edwin Edwards for the National Journal

Book review of "Nothing is True and Everything is Possible"

Peggy Noonan's WSJ column


OVERLOOKED NEW YORK, my profiles of impassioned New Yorkers

MAKING LUNCH, my profiles of the people who make lunch happen

LOVE AND MARRIAGE, my profiles of longstanding same-sex couples

BLACKBOARD HEROES, profiles of dedicated public school teachers


Me, blathering on at the Gel Conference