Me yakking it up at the Gel Conference


My editorial work can be seen in national magazines and newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and The New Republic. My advertising work includes posters for Broadway plays like If/Then, starring Idina Menzel, and Blithe Spirit, starring Angela Lansbury.

My animations, ranging from riffs on politics to mysterious book trailers, can be seen on YouTube, and Mother Jones. And of course right here, in the Animation Section.

In June 2005, my focus shifted from general illustration to reportage illustration, when I wrote a story for Time Out New York magazine about the Puerto Rico Schwinn Club, an outgrowth of the Overlooked New York website, my series of interviews and portraits of impassioned New Yorkers. Overlooked New York is currently a book available on Amazon.

I did another series, of political satires about the 2008 McCain/Palin campaign, The Party's Over, which is a 40-page full color book available here. I followed that up with another campaign series, on the 2012 Republcian and Democratic conventions, which was featured in both print and online. The 2016 presidential race with the ludicrously appalling Trump campaign was so dismayingly bizarre that it was impossible to satirize.

I like the series format a lot: Making Lunch, profiling the people whose handiwork goes into the making of the typical American lunch and Love and Marriage, profiling long-time same-sex partners. The Secret Life of Hydrants profiles fireplugs in around NYC and Blackboard Heroes, portraits and interviews with dedicated teachers across the US, featured in Scholastic's Instructor Magazine.

I'm the daughter of pulp magazine artist Norman Saunders, who, after painting covers for magazines like Dime Detective in the 30's and 40's, painted some of the most popular bubblegum cards in the 60's and 70's, including Mars Attacks, Batman, and Wacky Packages. As a child, I got my first taste of being a professional illustrator when I would "correct" my father's paintings when he was away from his drawing board. Many an eyelash on Norm Saunders' damsels in distress was painted by a nine-year-old Zina.

If you'd like to hear me blather on about illustration and all that jazz, here's a link to me at the Gel Conference. If you're interested in knowing more, I maintain a blog on blogspot.

Much of my illustration work is available as signed and numbered prints on archival watercolor paper, in two sizes: 13" X 19" and 8.5" X 11"; for inquiries about prints or purcahsing original paintings, please email me using the email address at top.